From the ground up makes good sense for building. Beware of from the top down.

Frank Lloyd Wright

My Approach

My approach is a collaborative one embedded in practice. My preference is to work in depth with whole schools or as many staff in a school as possible. I believe that for change to be effective it is essential to have the support of the leadership team but fundamentally it is what individual teachers do in their classrooms that makes the biggest difference. Consequently, I believe that it is important to support teachers’ learning where it is situated, in practice in classrooms, and to work as a school in developing a sustainable model of practice by building deep knowledge into practice.

Lio helped me grow as a classroom practitioner. He helped guide me in increasing my pedagogical understanding but also helped build my confidence in using innovative teaching methods. Lio was always approachable and available if I ever needed support and I still contact him for advice almost ten years later!

Adam Black

Primary Teacher

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